Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Day 2

I have good news!  I am down 3 pounds today already, to 273.  Now, keeping in mind that I weighed myself yesterday at like, 2 PM, and today right after I woke up and took a shit, it's not as impressive.  But it's a start.

I feel really good about this.  I feel like it's not a diet, but more of a change.  And not even one I'm whining about.  Just a change that needs to happen.  Like how we had to move out of our tiny house into a bigger house.  Yeah, it was sad, it was a fucking hassle, but it was AWESOME, and SOOO worth it.  I don't mind making choices that aren't chocolate chip cookies and peanut butter & jellies.  It's like my brain knows that my body needs to eat healthy to be healthy, and the conscious decision to be healthy was all I needed to do it.  Sounds kinda cheesy, sounds kinda stupid, but I don't know how else to describe it.  Ready.  I am ready.  And still optimistic.  For now.  LOL!  I have a very bad habit of seeing new things through for a couple of months until I bore of it, and then look for something else to occupy my ADD.  Even diets.  Even though I can see the scale registering the new number, even though I can wear jeans after a meal without unbuttoning them, I still somehow lose interest.  So I'm really hoping to stay focused, and positive, and get there.

Affirmations aside, I had a great day eating well yesterday.  I started the morning with 3 fried eggs, but only one yolk, a piece of rye toast, and coffee.  Granted, I had 2 really sugary, creamy cups of coffee, but you gotta start somewhere, right?  And I'm not ready to give up my coffee.  Maybe not ever.  LOL  Breakfast wasn't as early as I wanted it to be.  Danielle told me you're supposed to eat within two hours of waking up, which I technically did, but 10 o'clock is still kinda late for your metabolism to jump start.  I do realize that I'm in not in the habit of eating breakfast, or if I do it's not until later, like when I get the low-blood-sugar-shakes and need to stuff a pop tart in my pie hole to stop shaking long enough to make the kids lunch.  SO yeah... I'm working on that too.

Around 11 I had a banana for snack.  I also had a soda while the kids were napping, to get me over the 2 o'clock slump.  With the exception of the HFCS, the caffeine and points are the same no matter if it's coffee or soda, and I wanted something sweet and fizzy.  So a creme soda it was.  I got busy working on the blog while the kids napped and I drank my soda, and I forgot lunch.  So typical of me.  At almost 4 o'clock I had a Smart Ones Artisan Creations flatbread sandwich, of the steak and ranch variety.  Holy shit, it was DELICIOUS.  It tasted like a real steak and cheese, which surprised the shit out of me.  I don't like cooked bell peppers and even the peppers were tasty.  Hm... maybe I was just really hungry.  Ha!  Anyway, 300 calories and 8g of fat, 6 WW points.  Totally worth it for lunch if you're craving steak and cheese.  Or even if you're not.

Not surprisingly, that tided me over until dinner, which - don't fall on the floor - I made.  Oven roasted pork tenderloin marinated in lemon pepper from The Meat House, about a cup of Betty Crocker boxed mashed potatoes, and about a cup of sugar snap peas.  OMG, it was so good.  And it was really weird seeing normal portions on my plate.  Like, there was a HUGE amount of dead space.  I blame the obesity epidemic on the stoneware industry.

The best part about dinner was that I was FULL, full full, not grossly stuffed, just really full until at least 9 o'clock.  It was around then I started having the hankering for a snack.  Damn it.  Or course, if you know me, and you know how I roll, you know I get the munchies on occasion for reasons I can not name.  Dummy.  I held off as long as I could, but my belly started grumbling around 9:40 and I caved.  BUT, I chose wisely.  Two apple-cinnamon rice cakes with a thin coating of peanut butter.  YUMMY!!!!  And I snacked s-l-o-w-l-y while I watched The Wonder Years.  It was just enough to make me feel cozy, good about my choice, end the tummy grumbles, and to give my hands an occupation while watching TV.  Of course, like a true pig, I picked all the crumbs out of the afghan and ate those too.  Hey, I'm dieting.  Every morsel counts.

So it appears that my choices yesterday really paid off!!  That's a good boost to the ol' morale.

This morning after pooping, weighing myself, and taking my probiotics (which you have to take on an empty stomach), I had a half cup of Bear Naked Triple Berry Crunch granola, with milk and coffee.  The recommended serving size is 1/4 cup, but I don't want to starve myself either.  If anything is going to make me pissy, it's being hungry.  So because last week I would have had a whole cup, I decided a half was better than what I'm used to, plus would be enough to not freak my body out, and be a whole lot better than a full cup.  Maybe when I'm 200 pounds I'll eat a 1/4 cup, but not now, that's for damn sure.  Plus, if I haven't told you before, I am a granola WHORE.  I LOVE it.  Love.  Like, pink puffy hearts and fireworks.  So yeah, I splurged.

I ate about a half hour ago and I can ALREADY feel a difference in my body.  My legs are jumpy like I have excess energy, which is good since I have a lot to do today with the storm coming tomorrow and all.  I'm full, and while a little nauseous (eating breakfast does, and always has, made me feel like yakking), I think I can forget about that and focus on all this energy!  Huzzah!  Pair that with a cup of coffee and I'm ready to do great things!  Like laundry.  And dishes.  Yee haw.

I'm off now for another cup of coffee, but may be back later, maybe not until tomorrow.  We shall see.  I have a lot to do!!

Much love,


  1. Nicely done! I think I've read the "eat half of what you'd normally eat" idea in a real honest to goodness book on losing weight, so you're on the right track! No point in discouraging yourself because you're hungry after only 1/4 cup. If you have salad plates, use one of those for dinner so your plate is fuller. Or use a regular plate, drizzle some random sauce on it, stack your food and stick a piece of greenery on top - instant gourmet! ;-)

  2. Seriously good job dude! Way to stick to it. I love that you also blogged about the way your food made you feel, that's part of my plan too.

    As for the granola and portions in general... Just because the portion size on the package is 1/4 cup, that doesn't mean you can't have more or supplement it with other food. 1/4 of granola with milk is not a big enough breakfast for most, not this HungryGirl for sure. Maybe stick to the serving size but add to it. Add low calorie bread as toast would be a good side or bulk it with fruit.

    PS - I'm also down 3 pounds since Saturday...you know, the day I broke into a new (yet familiar) set of tens.

  3. I do the salad plate thing that Ceridwen mentioned and also eat with a salad fork so I can't shovel it in as fast, works good.

  4. Ditto on the salad plates. I weigh in after a shit too. Every oz counts right?

  5. You're rocking it! See, I told you! When I eat my Grape Nuts, I probably pour about 2 cups. I should measure tomorrow morning. You're imparting knowledge. I like this blog already.

  6. Mandie...Yellie and I talked and you girls should come have a date with your favorite dietitian :) It's free and like I said before...I will not make you eat cardboard or police your food intake just offer helpful tips and introduce you to some great new foods out on the market. I love you girls and can't even begin to explain how inspiring it is to see people embrance healthy eating the way that you guys have!