Thursday, January 13, 2011

Keep On Keepin' On

Yes, I weigh myself every day.  EVERY DAY.  There are many reasons I do this... first off, I find that it helps me see what did and didn't work with what I ate the day or two before.  For instance, after the Great Brownie Disappointment of Tuesday, I weighed in yesterday morning only having lost 1 pound.  Makes sense, right?  Of course it does.  I ate two fucking brownies.  This morning, I weighed in having lost 2 pounds, at 270.  So obviously the brownies really slowed my weight loss.  Also, I find that if I start to notice myself in a slump, the scale shows it.  Before it gets too late to easily fix any gain with just a small diet change, I can see it immediately.  So if over the holidays I was weighing myself every day, I would have been able to say to myself, "Lay off the cordial cherries, fatty." before I gained 10+ pounds and would have had to have undergone a full-on diet, complete with self discouragement and disappointment for not having caught it sooner, and for letting myself eat like a pig.  My dad is a diabetic, and every single day he records his weight, blood sugar, and any other pertinent variable.  For 20 years I saw him maintain his weight and have complete control over his diabetes from this simple chart.  It makes sense, to me, to track your weight daily.  I always have.  In fact, the times when I gained the most weight in my adulthood, are the times I didn't have a scale at home.  A few years ago I saw a study done that said that people who weigh themselves daily are less likely to gain excessive weight, and are more likely to maintain a healthy weight, for the EXACT REASONS I had always thought was just common sense.  (After a quick Google search ((I love Google)) I found these two articles: Pub-Med and MSNBC.)  So it's what I do.  In my honest opinion, I don't think there is a wrong or a right way to track your weight loss, so long as you're tracking it.  What works for some may not work for others.  Kinda like just about everything else in life.  Do I appreciate other people's insight and advice?  You bet your ass.  It's how we learn.  As a mom I love to run around yelling at every other mom that they're doing whatever they're doing wrong, "Trust me!  There's an easier way!  I have triplets!  I know."  So if I can offer my advice to another mom, I will, but I don't push because really, if they wanted my advice or learned a lesson from the sage advice I offered them, they'd be doing it already.  No harm, no foul; I do not take it personally.  Every one is different.  So I DO appreciate advice, and knowledge, but PLEASE don't be upset if I don't take it.  As an opinionated bitch I'm not likely to anyway, LOL!!

All that said, yesterday was a fair day.  Just eh.  I was bored, and the kids were on my last nerve ALL. DAY. LONG.  So when Tony came home to plow, and the plow broke, and he ended up having to snow blow for hours, and I ended up spending my whole day yelling at the kids to leave me alone for two seconds because they were driving me to drown us all in a car in a lake.  At 8 pm I finally had the triplets to bed, put on some Dino Dan for Gwen and got to cleaning.  Which I needed a boost from a soda to do.  But an hour and a half later and I had everything at least sorted, and mostly put away, and I quit for the night when Tony came in.  I was bored and stressed all day, and it was snowing like a motherfucker, so the day was kind of wacky.

For breakfast I had more delicious Bear Naked Triple Berry granola, 3/4 of a cup, and three cups of coffee.  Yum.  Too bad the coffee should have been TWICE as strong.  I still would have needed three cups of it.  Ha!

Lunch was late, around 3 o'clock thanks to the kids' non-napping malarkey, and consisted of a WW Smart Ones Ricotta and Spinach pasta, which was really yummy.  I wish there was more veggies.  I understand that veggies are kind of expensive, and if they loaded all these frozen meals with veggies all the veggie haters wouldn't eat them, plus they'd be $3 a pop.  But the veggies would really help keep me fuller, longer.

I had 3 celery sticks with peanut butter with the meal, because honestly it was a little small for my head-sized stomach.  One of these days it will shrink and I'll be able to eat just the meal and be satisfied.  =)

I made the kids chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner as everything was hectic with the snow clean-up and me being all alone with them, and I managed to eat about 10 leftover fries.  Of course.  After they ate, and I didn't, I cleaned up, got them ready for bed, and took them up.  I came down and started to clean the family room and kitchen of toys, which took quite a bit more effort and time than I would have liked.  At 9 or so Tony came in and took Gwen to bed (she passed out on the couch at quarter past 8), then asked if I had eaten supper.  Shit.  I had totally forgotten.  I could have had another frozen meal, left over pasta, some eggs, anything.  But I totally forgot.  Man, old habits die HARD.  So instead of making a dinner and eating a full meal at 9:30, I did what any sensible person would do and had a Weight Watchers Ice Cream Candy Bar.  Which was gross, but of course I ate it.  By the end I had forgotten what a real Snickers Ice Cream bar tastes like and was actually enjoying the WW one.  I also had a banana, since I know an ice cream bar is not dinner.  Mom didn't teach me nothing!  I did decide to skip the photograph, since you all probably know what a fucking banana looks like, am I right?

It all worked out alright though when I got on the scale this morning and saw that 270.  That was fucking awesome to see.  That's 6 pounds since Monday, 2 pounds a day on average.

Today is going to be kind of crazy; we actually have to leave the house for an appointment, and I plan on bringing the kids to McDonald's to work off some energy in the Play Place while I blast those smug-ass pigs in Angry Birds.  We'll be eating lunch there but it's my intention to eat a salad, and hopefully I can will myself away from a vanilla milkshake, which is just fucking sad.  All those poor, sad, undrunk milkshakes.

Much love,


  1. Hey, that Smart Ones actually resembles the picture on the box! That may be a first. It's awesome how fast you're losing weight!

  2. I weigh myself almost every day too. I only skip the days where I forget to do it before I eat something (weekends). I don't always chalk it up to what works and doesn't though. Some days I am so good but it doesn't go down and others I am so bad but it goes down.

    Another tip - the days you lost more, notice you ate more. You need to eat at least 1,000-1,200 calories a day or you can actually gain weight and go into starvation/fat storage mode. Remembering to eat and have snacks is important. My guess is your day was only like 1,000 calories...depending on what was in your coffee and soda...

    I believe in you and you can and WILL avoid that milkshake!

    PS - I copied your tracker...but how do I update it?

  3. I had the same darn thing for lunch yesterday and ate an apple and an orange and was still hungry... Here's hoping to quickly shrinking stomachs