Wednesday, January 12, 2011


No, that's not the price tag of my Not Your Daughter's Jeans.  It's not the amount of times we've seen Toy Story 3 (though it's probably close).  It's how much I weighed this morning.  272!!  That's 4 pounds in 2 days!  Now if that's not motivating, I don't know what is.  Go me!

Yesterday was good, but I was bored.  Which is disastrous.  I didn't have the motivation to do anything since my knee is all fucked up after painting the girls' room this weekend.  I had the job of cutting in on the baseboards, so there was a lot of kneeling involved, which is surprisingly something I don't do that often.  Anymore.  Heh.  I've heard that for every pound you lose, you take 4 pounds of pressure off your knees.  It makes sense, since the bulk of people's weight is going to be above the knee.  Like, there's only what?, two feet of body after the knees?  And it's typically not the size of a gut.  So it makes sense.  My knees have been fucked since the triplets were born, something I attribute to not only being way fat but also to 5 weeks of bedrest.  I lost a lot of muscle just lying around the house for 7 months while I cooked triplets, so it's no surprise that my muscles aren't strong enough to do regualr everyday tasks like keeping my miniscus in place.  I mean, I was never Joanna Thomas, so my muscle mass decreased fairly rapidly.  I was in physical therapy for a bit for my knee, and the therapist told me I was weaker than some of the old ladies he worked with.  Talk about a stab to the heart.  Working on gaining my muscle back is one of my goals, but I think it would be easier to exercise and work out once I lose a little weight, to save my knees.  Kinda like how WW will tell you not to exercise until you lose 10% of your original weight.  I think 10% is overly cautious; I can see 10 pounds, 15 pounds even.  But waiting until I lose 28 pounds seems silly.  I don't know... what do you think?

Onward...  I ate fairly well again yesterday, which is good since it's only day 2, LOL, but despite my boredom I stayed on track nicely.  I started the day with my cereal, which gave me loads of energy I did nothing with.  Pft.

Around 10, when I gave the kids their snack, I had one too.  It was yummy and filling though I wish Tess would have stopped asking me for some.  Celery sticks with regular Jif, which I tried to go light on.  I didn't measure, I don't want to measure everything, just get into the habit of THINKING about how much I'm using.  I think if most people were to LOOK at thier food before shoveling it in, they would know that there was too much/too little/the right amount without measuring.  When it comes to things like cereal where I have no idea what a cup looks like in a bowl, or how much a cup of mashed potatoes looks like on a giant plate, then I'll measure.  Peanut butter?  No fucking way I have time for that shit.  Half the pain in the ass of dieting is counting, watching, measuring, points-ing.  So I'm giving it up and instead using what I know in my heart to be a reasonable amount of anything.

For lunch I had a Healthy Choice Chicken Pesto meal, follwed by 14 (the suggested serving size on the box) Triscut Parmeasen Garlic Thin Crisps to snack on while I watched Intervention.  See?  Now that I know what a serving of Thin Crisps looks like, next time I won't have to measure.  Yeah!  Another great bonus to this blog is that I will be able to rate and review frozen diet meals.  For isntance, look at the picture on the Healthy Choice box, then at the actual product.  ::snort:::  Not exactly even close to resembling the delicious gourmet meal they show on the cover.  The fruit compote was pretty good, as was the pesto sauce.  The veggies were dynamite, though I wished they'd have included about a cup more.  Like, there was 3 carrot sticks and 3 broccoli chunks.  LAME.  The chicken was dry and kinda gross, though edible.  All in all, I wouldn't reccomend this meal, and I probably won't eat it again myself.  The Triscuts were AMAZING!  I've never had these Thin Crisps because I thought they'd be more crispy than regualr Triscuts, and too crunchy for my weak ass teeth.  But they weren't.  They were awesome and flavorful and 14 was a nice snack.

In the afternoon I managed to skip snack, but did have a few of the kids' Cheez-Its while I was giving them snack.  It was like I didn't even know I was eating them.  How gross is that?  I ate a handful of Cheez-Its while doling them out just because.  When I figured out what I was doing I immediately jumped up and put the box away.  Yikes!

I made spaghetti for dinner, since I had hamburg turning brown in the fridge and spaghetti is pretty much a bath night staple.  I kicked it up a notch, browning the beef with about 6 cloves of fresh garlic, Italian herbs, onion powder (can you believe I didn't have a single onion anywhere in the house?!  WTF???), and pepper.  NO ADDED SALT!  I added a jar of Prego to the meat, plus a can each of tomato sauce and tomato paste to stretch the sauce a little.  I'm not a huge fan of chunky, meaty sauces so the extra tomato shit made it more suacey.  I baked a loaf of Pillsbury tube bread and Voil√†!  Delicious dinner!  What you see here is a salad plate.  I am a pasta destroyer.  Tony is always amazed at how much pasta I can put away (I can also do this with popcorn).  It's a weakness.  I love it.  So I had a lot, but it was still HALF what I usually would have eaten.

What really surprised me though, was how hungry I was shortly after dinner.  I expected that plate of pasta to hold me over until bedtime, but it didn't.  What the fuck, man?!?!  I ended up splurging on brownies, I ate two, but I made them with half the eggs (only used 1) and half the oil (less than 1/4 cup).  To make up for the lack of oil in the brownies, I added applesauce.  They were totally yummy and I would have eaten 3 more but I stopped myself.  Heh.  And I already went for one this morning and managed to stop myself then too.  Nice.  So while I splurged on a shitty snack, I didn't feel so guilty about it because I knew I tried to make it a little better.  So it's not like I said, "Fuck it!  I'm eatin' brownies!"  Which is good.  And so were those super chewey brownies!

Much love,


  1. Go you! I am also avoiding measuring. Its important to learn what proper amounts look like, like you mentioned with things like cereal, etc... and know from then on out how much is okay and not okay. You can get printouts online that tell you what is the right size for meat, starch, veggies, etc... Like meat is a deck of cards for example.

    I totally do the cheez it thing. I "sample" EVERYTHING that I pack into lunch boxes for me adn Justin at night. Like seriously, I eat a meal before dinner just in cheese, crackers, trailmix, mini muffins etc... You are not alone on that bad habit but good job stoppping.

    Nice work on the sauce, adding no sugar/calorie sauce and paste made that way healthier. Katy tells me the Prego Smart is good. I have not tried it to form my own opinion. When I have time, I cook up a huge pot of sauce made entirely with cans of sauce or puree that have no added sugars and flavors and the season like you did (but I add a small amount of brown sugar). I freeze at least half for the next spaghetti night to make it faster and easier. Just an idea since you eat spaghetti often. I even freeze it with the cooked meat in it.

    I am seriously impressed from the salad plate all the way to the one egg and applesauce brownies. I can't keep brownies in the house. I will eat one or two a night until they are gone. Do yourself a favor and share with the family and don't make them again.

  2. LOL - Spaghetti (followed by frozen blueberries defrosted) is also a go-to for bath night at our place too.
    Hope you don't mind i also add a tip for when there are lots of brownies around... if you cut them up and freeze them, you can defrost one or 2 in the microwave (warm yummy) to eat. Keeping them frozen makes it harder to just keep eating thoughtlessly, and makes sure that you really really want it before you eat it. (though freezing stuff is less practical with kids to feed...)

  3. Thanks, Nancy!!! That's a FANTASTIC tip!!! I don't feed my kids brownies, because I made that mistake once and spent a week cleaning poo-colored smears off everything in my house. So the fact that it's NOT kid friendly is even better! :D

  4. Mandie go to the baking aisle or if you swing by Hannaford you can grab "No Pudge Brownies". They are all natural, no preservatives, and not bad in price. They fucking rock and you just have to add vanilla yogurt. Most brownies call for eggs, oil, and milk. Most brownies are closer to 200-250 calories per piece once prepared (not what it says on the side of the box which is just the mix) but these ones are just 110-140 per serving. Oh and they are the most moist (hate that word ughhh but for these purposes I'll use it) brownies ever. If you want something that is good for the kids and healthy enough for you to have as a snack/dessert I say do these ones! Love you!

  5. Oh and just a suggestion...Stick to 1 or 2 days a week to weight yourself. If I miss a shit for a day or two my weight always goes up and it totally fucks with my head. :)

  6. Great job! I think the fact that you've identified that becoming bored with the diet is bad, since that way you can work to combat it. In response to the exercise question, I would say try to be more active without thinking of it as formal exercise for awhile. Like you were saying when I was visiting, you go upstairs to pee instead of waiting for the downstairs bathroom to open up, stand up while you're on the computer, etc. I'm not sure I see the logic in the waiting to do any exercise thing, and waiting until you lose 28 pounds seems excessive, but if you're knee is fucked up you don't want to be doing some crazy high impact exercise video. I totally agree with Katy about the weighing - my scale measures freaking tenths of a pound and if I weighed myself daily I'd freak out.