Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Dropping in for a Sec... And a TMI Warning

Just wanted to update everyone that I am hella fucking disgustingly sick.  Like, sitting on the toilet with a bucket in my lap sick.  Well, I was yesterday, and I stopped puking around 2 AM, just around the time Holden started puking.  ::sigh::  I still have the runs, so I haven't eaten anything since yesterday morning's Bear Naked Triple Berry crunch, which I doubt I will be able to eat ever again after throwing it up for 14 hours straight.  In case you're wondering, throwing up granola is kind of like eating it - it has the same consistency either way.

So far today I've had 3 glasses of ginger ale, which I praise Allah for since I was so dehydrated last night I would have to get out of bed just to run my tongue under cold water in the bathroom until it felt wet again.  It was horrible.  Let alone that throwing up is my least favorite activity, next to holding spiders.

The "silver lining" to all this is that I dropped 11 pounds.  Overnight.  ELEVEN!!!  Holy shit.  I went from 265.5 yesterday morning to 254 this morning.  WOW.  No doubt I'll make most of it up, but hopefully I'll at least get a jump-start on next week's weight loss when I do start eating again.  It would be nice to start up at 254, since I haven't seen the 250's since the triplets were newborns.  But I know the best way to lose weight is the healthy way, and vomiting once an hour for 14 hours is not healthy.

I'm feeling a bit better and contemplating dinner, which is hard since I want to go straight for comfort food.  Hm.  Maybe some toast and some chicken noodle soup will be a good avenue to take, kinda not healthy, but still comfort food.  It's not like the waffles my kids are eating that I'm drooling over while my intestines make ungodly sounds.

Here's to feeling better tomorrow, and not having any more pukers in the house.  Please, God.  If you are out there, make my kids healthy.  I don't know if I can handle more throw up in one weekend.  Okay, I've used all the strength I had from the 5 crackers I ate an hour ago typing this, and I must be off.  Plus, I have to hit the bathroom.  Like, NOW.

Much love,


  1. Oh, god, that's a lot of shit and puke!!! You must be so dehydrated. I hope you get better soon, but that 11 pounds is pretty badass. (((HUGS)))

  2. I missed you and as gross as this post was right before I am about to eat dinner, it was nice to see you are alive! I am willing to bet you hold on to at least half of that 11 pounds. If you hydrate back up and continue to eat slowly, some of it truly will stick.