Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Dreaded Weekend: Sunday #1

Sunday was a good day, or so I thought.  I woke up and weighed myself, and to my shock and surprise, the scale sneered a nasty 271.5 at me.  Fuck.  There goes my milestone.  Oh well, it's only one day, and who knows what happened.  Maybe it was all that salad that had yet to leave, maybe it was eating a 1/3 of a pan of brownies, no matter how low-fat they were.  Maybe I was retaining water, and my rag was looming.  Who the fuck knew.  It was one day, so I decided to be better, and chalk it up to it'll wash out next time.

Breakfast was more Blueberry Special K, as I'm trying to eat up the box.  (Hahaha, I said I eat box.)  Nothing new to report there.  It was the same as it ever is, though Tony took this picture for me, so I didn't forget.  Or something.

I was hungry by mid-morning so I ate a delicious, juicy, ripe-but-not-over-ripe pear.  The kids had Nilla Wafers for snack, and I surprised myself by not instinctively throwing the crumbs and leftover pieces into my mouth as I handed them out.  I tossed them right back into the box like it was something I always did.  Holy shit, my habits ARE changing!  And it's only been a week.  Niiiice.

For lunch, I gave the kids each their own delicious, juicy, ripe-but-not-over-ripe pear, two pretzel rods each, plus a Stoneyfield Farm yogurt.  While they were eating I ate two pretzel rods of my own, and then I made myself lunch, a feast of eggs (my standard two whites + one whole) sans cheese, so I could kinda justify the sausage links I found in the freezer, and two pieces of rye toast.  It was obviously Tony approved; or maybe he just likes to photobomb.  Here's a secret: hot buttered bread is a weakness of mine.  I once ate so much toast in a period of time that I gave myself a yeast infection.  Gross, but true.  I could eat rye toast every day.  The good news is that I used to have 4 slices, with 3 whole eggs.  So I'm making progress.  I had some OJ because Holden had a sniffle and I felt kind of run down, so I thought the OJ would not only compliment my breakfast-for-lunch treat, but also help boost my vitamin C.  It was awesome, but I did regret eating the sausage so I learned that sausage, as delicious as it is, is not worth the guilt.  Bacon may be.  But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

I skipped snack since a) I was totally full from my huge awesome lunch, and b) since I was really busy diving into countless piles and baskets of laundry.  Next thing I know, Tony is calling me down for supper!  I managed to get the laundry sorted, and about half of the laundry hung and put away, plus all the towels and sheets.  I also vacuumed our bedroom and cleaned the bathroom floors, vanity, and toilet.  Your mess is all gone now, Katy.  Then I went down and ate with the family, shake-n-bake chicken, which I took the smallest breast of, green beans, and noodles.  I took a little more than I think I should have, but managed to not eat it all, so that's kinda good.  And it was yummers.

That night I watched two episodes of Hoarders on DVR while Tony set up his PC in the living room on the new desk.  And I ate a Hershey bar.  Another guilty decision.  I could have eaten half of it and called it good, a naughty snack, but noooooo.  I had to destroy the entire thing.  Fucking chocolate.  Why is it so good???  I managed to eat it slowly, and enjoy it.  I broke the bar into the little bars, and would bite half the little bar, put the other half DOWN, and suck on what was in my mouth until it was gone.  I repeated the process about 10 too many times though.  Damn it.  So instead of succumbing to the desire to eat more, I went to bed.  Good strategy.

Much love,


  1. Apparently we learned our lesson about brownies. My weight also went right on up...even though they were fat free. Clearly our bodies want a well balanced meal and it's not just calories in and calories out. Sunday looks much more balanced! Good job

  2. I like Tony's photo bomb. I too have a thing for toast. I've never given myself a yeast infection from it, but I loooooove it soooo much I can't actually keep regular bread in the house since I will devour a loaf in a day and a half. Nice job savoring the Hershey's bar - if you're going to eat it, at least enjoy it!