Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 4

Thursday was such a clusterfuck that I am glad I didn't gain weight.  Jesus Christ!  What a circus!  The day started off early, with my having to get my ass out of bed and showered.  I hate showering.  It's a lot of work.  Am I gross?  Yes.  Am I lazy?  Yes.  These are well established facts.  So I hate showering.  It's a pain in the ass.  But I got up, showered, dressed, and got the kids clean clothes to wear out of the house instead of pajamas so we could all pile in and go to Holden and Nora's preschool evaluation.

For breakfast I had 3 eggs, 2 white + 1 whole, fried with cheddar cheese on 'em, 2 pieces of rye toast, and a cup of applesauce.  I was hungry, plus I remembered how full the eggs kept me at the beginning of the week so I wanted to be satisfied and not starving during our meeting.  I should have had a snack before leaving the house but everything was so crazy I forgot.

It was my plan to leave the meeting and take the kids to the McDonald's Play Place for the afternoon.  We were already skipping nap, so we might as well make the most of it and let them burn off some energy.  I was intending to have lunch at Mickey-D's, though I planned on a salad and a couple of waters instead of the #10 with a vanilla shake I would normally get.  What did I do?  I forgot my motherfucking wallet.  So none of us ate.  The kids were starving and so was I, but they didn't want to leave so we stayed until 4 o'clock.  Thankfully I had a bag of Cheerio's Cheddar Snack Mix in the diaper bag because it sustained all 5 of us all afternoon, well, as best it could.

Dinner was pizza.  Of course, the Digiorno's I put in the oven I forgot to time, so it came out black.  UGH!  I quick jumped into action and called in an order to a local pizza joint and had Tony pick it up on his way home.  By the time we ate at 6 o'clock the kids were STARVING and so was I.  I had a single slice of steak & cheese pizza, but it wasn't as yummy as I'd hoped.  Which I guess helped me not want to have 3 slices, LOL!

I did snack around 9:30, my difficult time, but it was minimal.  I had 3 packaged chocolate chip cookies and like 5 Triscuts.  Not the best, but not bad compared to the Mandie from two weeks ago.  I hit the hay around 10:30, and slept like a ROCK.

When I woke up this morning it was like I hadn't woken up all night.  I looked at the clock - 7:34.  I JUMPED out of bed and ran downstairs, only to realize that no, Tony didn't forget to wake me up, he'd just woken up himself.  LOL!  Again, I got off to a wacky start and forgot to weigh myself before breakfast and coffee.  Once I did, I got a 270 reading.  Which is FINE.  Yes, it's the same as yesterday's weight, which is NOT discouraging.  On the contrary.  If anything, it will make me rethink my choices from yesterday, which weren't the best, and what probably happened is that my metabolism was all fucked from missing lunch and two snacks.  So BECAUSE I weigh myself every day, I am able to see that what I ate (or didn't eat) yesterday, was not conducive to a healthier me.  Duh, right?  LOL!  But it just reitterates what I posted about yesterday with daily weigh-ins helping ME to stay on track and follow what I do from day-to-day.  So today I'm already intending to be better, eat smaller meals more often, and to make sure I don't load up on fatty pizza and cookies at night.  I'm just sayin'.

Much love,

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  1. For having such a wacky day, you did good Mandie Sue. You totally managed to keep your portions in control, how great does that feel? I can't remember the last time I only had one piece of pizza. Seriously awesome control.