Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Dreaded Weekend: Saturday #1

I kind of got behind in blogging on a daily basis, which threw off my entire thought process. With Tony home from work and a day planned with my BFF HungryGirl, I skipped posting Friday's events on Saturday morning. Then Sunday came around and we had ridiculous amounts of chores to do, and I skipped posting Saturday, but managed to squeeze out Friday. Then Monday Tony was home but I fell ill - again - to a cold, and was too sick and lazy to put any effort forth and skipped posting. Again. So now here it is Tuesday morning, and I have THREE days to blog. Ugh. I will try not to make this mistake again. It sucks. I've also forgotten the finer details of the day-to-day rigamoro of dieting, so I'll do my best to fill you in but can't make any promises of deep thoughts or affirmations.

I dread the weekends when I'm dieting. I think everyone does. I have 4 kids and a husband who eat whatever they want. I have snacks and poor choices all around me. I have to struggle to stay on track. I have to struggle to not eat Cap'n Crunch with the kids. And Nilla Wafers. And chicken nuggets. And my oh my, the snacks! On weekend nights we tend to take more liberties with our eating, and stay up later, so we get hugrier, and get more munchies. ;) This Saturday was no different. I managed to not eat too horribly, but my choices certainly didn't pay off on the scale.

I woke up and weighed myself, excited to have hit a teeny tiny milestone: I was UNDER 270 pounds!!!  I weighed in at 269, and was super stoked, and proud.  So it was my intention to stay on track so I could get even more off.  Saturday's breakfast consisted of Blueberry Special K scarfed down at the last minute when I realised I hadn't eaten but should.  It was right as I was getting ready to shower and take off, because I had a play date with Yellie at her house all day.  Hooray!!!

I got to Danielle's sometime after noon, and we decided we were hungry so like any BFFs spending the day together, we made brownies.  We decided to skip an actual lunch though, and just eat the brownies to help our caloric intake stay down.  Heh.  In our defense, they were No Pudge brownies, and they were WAAAAYYYY more delicious than I remembered them being 6 years ago, or the last time I tried them.  I will definitely make them again.  Mmmmm.... fudgey.  Though I had to laugh that the serving size was 1/12th of an 8x8 pan.  Pft.  An 8x8 pan is basically 4 servings, duh.  Or at least, that's what I USED to think.  Now in my new reality I'm forced to face the fact that a 1x2 serving is normal.  Even for fat-free brownies.  Boo!  And like any fat girls (even though Yellie is FAR from fat, she's actually completely normal, if not perfectly proportioned, but she loves food as much as any fat girl loves cake), we put whipped cream on our 1/4 of a pan of brownies.  Because it was lunch, duh.  I also had a beer, which was YUMMY, and another smaller serving of brownie, ya know, for snack, before I left to go home.

On the way home I stopped to pick up a Santa Fe chicken salad from Applebee's (which, I found, has only 672 calories, but 47!!!! grams of fat - oy!).  I opted for grilled chicken over fried, and only used about half the dressing, then completely ate the whole salad.  I was craving salad, and it was SO good.  Then, like any good dieter who spent the day playing Kinect with her BFF, I passed out on the couch virtually as soon as Tony took Gwen off it for bed.  That was about 8:30.  I went up to bed at 11:30 and slept straight through.  Ahhhhh!  What a good Saturday it was!

Much love,


  1. It kills me that a salad can be only 672 calories but contain that kind of fat! The good news is that I bet you cut your fat in half by only eating half the dressing and getting grilled chix instead of fried. Good work...

    PS - I have finished the brownies

  2. Do you have the Fat Tracker (or similar app) for your phone? It has the nutritional info for a ton of restaurants.