Sunday, January 16, 2011

Days 5 - Friday

Friday was a good day where I felt like I was getting back on track. I weighed in that morning at 270, the exact same as yesterday. Hey, at least I didn't gain. Heh. It was a standard day at home, in which I did simple chores like scream at my kids, laundry, tidying up, and chasing kids. So all in all, it wasn't a bad day at all.

I started out with a bowl of Special K Blueberry cereal. I love this stuff. It's not as good as Blueberry Morning, but Blueberry Morning's blueberries get stuck in my teeth as they reconstitute, so that's kind of annoying. Plus, the Special K has little chunks of granola, and we all know how I feel about granola at this point. 

My mom stopped by after a job interview and we had a nice little chat for about an hour before she took off to go grocery shopping, and before all the kids saw her and she had no chance for escape. It was super convenient that I had some of her gluten-free food in the freezer that she left here on Thanksgiving, because I was able to offer her lunch and a cup of hot tea. I had a WW Smart Ones, the tuna casserole, which was fairly great. Besides missing the toasted crumb topping (Well, it wasn't missing, it was stirred in at the half-way-stir-the-entree directive; which leads me to ask, "Why put it on there, only to have to stir it in???" Why not set a tiny cup of breadcrumbs into the dish, that can be removed before cooking and applied to the top afterwards? I don't know how some of these marketing people keep their jobs.), it was just like on the package, and a lot yummier than I anticipated. So lunch was good all around!

MM Stock Photo - Steak & Cheese Pizza

Friday night Tony copped an attitude out of nowhere, which caused us to fight. We fight fairly infrequently, maybe every few months. But when we do it's usually pretty bad. So that had me in a lousy mood, and when I sat down to dinner I did what any pissed off woman would do... I had 2 slices of leftover pizza. I regretted it shortly after eating it, but ah well. I can't beat myself up over it; old habits die hard, and as I find myself in situations where I used to reach for food for comfort or company, it is going to be particularly hard to NOT do what I would have done the last 30 years. SO I cut my losses and went to bed to play Angry Birds in the dark, which left me passed out after about 15 minutes. Not exactly healthy, but it is what happened. ::sigh::

That's it.  Like I said, Friday was pretty boring, but I guess that's a good thing in the diet world.  Heh.

Much love,


  1. Don't beat yourself up over pizza dude. You had two slices, not half the pie and while it was not a veggie pizza, it wasn't meatlovers. Plus you didn't snack all day. Caloric intake-wise, you did good.

  2. Where's the weekend posts! I love hearing about you great you are doing my love! :) IF you can come Friday night we are making healthy pizzas that you, Tony and the kids could enjoy at home for really no cash at all!